Leading through the exhibition of Happy Trash Production „Why do artists have no fans?“ – a review of the permanent exhibition of the Gallery of Fine Arts gift of the collection of Rajko Mamuzić

on Monday, October 15, 2018 at 18.30

The exhibition „Why artists do not have fans?“ Of the Happy Trash Production art collection at the Art Gallery Gallery presents the collection of Rajko Mamuzić with a collection of her colleagues, Rajko Mamuzića. The galleries of fine arts collection of Rajko Mamuzić was founded almost half a century ago, while the Basic Fund the collections were made by 35 first-generation artists who were educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade after the Second World War. The artists present in the collection belonged to the art groups: Zadarska group, the group of Eleventh, the Decembara group and the Belgrade group. The works of these artists can be classified under the so-called. „Socialist aesthetism“, (high) modernism and the Belgrade enformel. By the passage of time, the collection moved from the collection of contemporary local fine arts to the collection belonging to the history of art. 


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